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I Just Want to Talk. Could a WarmLine Help Me?

A WarmLine is a service that offers callers support and is staffed by volunteers who are in recovery themselves. A WarmLine is not a crisis hotline.  But what if you are not having a crisis? What if you are trying to get through a tough day that has you feeling down? Maybe you are going through a rough patch in a relationship. Maybe you just want to talk with someone. Maybe you want to tell someone something great that happened today. For people who need someone to talk to, a “warmline” can help.

For people who struggle to find support, especially during difficult times, these phone lines allow them to open up about their experiences and create meaningful connections with the person on the other end.


Please reach out to someone if you have a need to connect and talk with someone. Even if you do not live in a Pennsylvania county, you can still call a WarmLine.

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