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Want to become a Member?


If, after reviewing this website, you might be interested in becoming a member of Union Station, please complete the Referral Form and fax, mail, or drop it off. It is preferred however, that the form be completed by a medical or mental health professional for an expedited process.

Tours are given to prospective members of the Clubhouse, and
it is encouraged, especially if the potential member is uncertain
about attending the program.

If you cannot download the form, call the Clubhouse for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

for Potential Clubhouse Members:

1. Is the Clubhouse a drop-in center?
No. Union Station Clubhouse is not a drop-in center. We are classified as a psychiatric rehabilitative facility encompassing the Clubhouse model.

2.If I am interested in becoming a new member, how will I get to the Clubhouse?
We explore all possible means of transportation with potential members. We also have a van to assist in transportation of members, weather permitting.

3.Who is eligible to become a member?
Any Fayette County resident who is 18-years-old or older with a primary mental health diagnosis is eligible for referral to Union Station Cubhouse.

4. Do I have to come every day?
No. Members may come on the days that fit their schedules. Members maintain an active
status as long as they attend at least once per month.

5. If I do not come for a month, can I still come back?
Absolutely! In fact, we will stay in touch with you through outreach calls and letters/cards so that you know we are thinking of you and miss you.

The search for the Clubhouse Model began in 1998 when
delegates from our county-level Mental Health Office began the
journey to Fountain House in New York City, the originating
Clubhouse in the Clubhouse Model. After attending a training
session at their training base during a colleague training, it was
decided to then advocate for funding.


The plan was presented and brought upon the proper officials in
our county and commonwealth and in early 2001, a Request For
Proposal (RFP) was put in place to find an administrative entity
for the program. It was decided effective at the beginning of the
2001-02 Fiscal Year that our present auspice agency, then
known as Goodwill Industries of Pittsburgh's Fayette County
Affiliate would be the designated auspice of the program.

A few months later, in October 2001, proper delegates both
potential member and mental health professionals made the
journey to Chattanooga, Tennessee for the 11th International
Seminar of the International Center for Clubhouse Development.
This is a bi-annually meeting of Clubhouses around the world, in
which a venue is operated as a gainful learning experience for a
week. This to date has been the only IS that Union Station has
been involved in since its genesis.


Shortly after, plans were made and the Clubhouse facility,
located at 690 West Main Street in North Union Township was
prepped for occupancy, which was completed on January 2,
2002. This has been known as the "Clubhouse Anniversary


Growth continued throughout the next several years at Union
Station to the point of near overcrowding. In the fall of 2013, a
relocation proposal was sent to the Goodwill of Southwestern
Pennsylvania Board of Directors for a new location. After
searching, it would be decided that the agency would purchase
a former mental health case management office in the
Downtown Business District of Uniontown. This location offered
more privacy for meetings and member issues as well as a
commercial grade and licensed kitchen along with expanded
program spaces and double the occupancy for sanitary
facilities. After an almost one year renovation, we moved in to
the new Clubhouse at its current location in September 2014.
We had a ribbon cutting with the local Chamber of Commerce
the following month and look forward to our new Clubhouse for
years to come.

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