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What We Do At Union Station Clubhouse

Union Station Clubhouse is a non-profit clubhouse-model psychiatric rehabilitation program for men and women with mental illness who are 18 years and older living in Fayette County.  Through our day program our members gain the practical experience they need to work and live more independently. Because many of our members begin with little confidence and/or little or no work history, the first step toward developing job skills is participation in the day program's work units, designed to help members use and strengthen their abilities by contributing to the operation of the clubhouse. Working side-by-side with staff and other members, participants learn the importance of accepting responsibility, not only as a step toward self-reliance, but also because other are depending on them

Transitional Employment (TE)

After members learn to work in the Clubhouse units, they are given the opportunity to work in paying jobs in the community through the Transitional Employment Program (TEP). The TEP introduces those who have never worked or who have not worked in many years to the work field. Union Station Clubhouse provides the opportunities and the moral support needed to build members' confidence, skills, and stamina.

Supported Employment (SE)

Supported Employment is the next phase of employment of the
Clubhouse Program. This component is member-driven with
staff guidance in where the member, staff, and employer chose
mutually the type, frequency and duration of supports that are
provided to the member along with any necessary linkage to
outside supports, if needed.

Independent Employment (IE)

Supported Education

Members who wish to enhance their learning skills are
connected and are linked to the appropriate resources to make
their educational experience successful.

Social Program

The Clubhouse provides opportunities at least weekly for social
gathering by members as they choose. Several outings in the
community can include dining, shopping and recreational entities.
In addition numerous in-house outings are also held within the
Clubhouse that include movie, craft, arts and game nights In
addition to evening events, the Clubhouse has at least one
outing on a Saturday a month and open their doors to the
membership one Saturday a month as well. Recognition dinners
are held monthly for members in both the Employment and
Education Programs at Union Station Clubhouse. Furthermore,
opportunities are provided for members to become involved in
advocacy supports in the community as their schedule allows.

The top tier of the Clubhouse employment program includes the
Independent level at which point an active member secures and
maintains their own community employment. Members in IE
have equal access to all Clubhouse Supports as all other
members of the program.

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