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Union Station Clubhouse offers people living with mental illness the opportunity to recover and  fully participate as respected and valued members of society. We offer:

  • Access to medical and psychiatric services

  • Education

  • Assistance with finding housing

  • A caring and safe environment

  • Friendship

  • Employment

Frequently Asked Questions for Potential Clubhouse Members:


1.  Is the Clubhouse a drop-in center?

No. Union Station Clubhouse is not a drop-in center. We are classified as a psychiatricrehabilitative facility encompassing the Clubhouse model.


2. If I am interested in becoming a new member, how will I get to the Clubhouse?

We explore all possible means of transportation with potential members. We also have a van toassist in transportation of members, weather permitting.


3.  Who is eligible to become a member?

Any Fayette County resident who is 18-years-old or older with a primary mental health diagnosis iseligible for referral to Union Station Cubhouse.


4.  Do I have to come every day?

No. Members may come on the days that fit their schedules. Members maintain an active status aslong as they attend at least once per month


5. If I do not come for a month, can I still come back?

Absolutely! In fact, we will stay in touch with you through outreach calls and letters/cards sothat you know we are thinking of you and miss you.

​Union Station Clubhouse provides members with the opportunity to:


Gain Work Skills by Helping to Run the Clubhouse

Many of our members begin with little confidence and/or little to no work history. Clubhouse
members and staff work side-by-side to run the Clubhouse, performing daily tasks such as:

  • Preparing and serving meals

  • Entering data and record keeping

  • Budgeting and operating a snack bar

Transition into Employment

Our employment programs offer members organized, effective strategies for moving into and maintaining employment. Several different programs are available depending on each individual’s needs.

Continue Your Education

Many Clubhouse members have had to interrupt their educational plans because of their mental illness. The Clubhouse offers members opportunities to complete their education or continue to post-secondary education.

Socialize with New Friends

In addition to work opportunities, members and staff organize social activities, community outings, and volunteer activities on evenings, weekends and holidays.

Who is eligible for the Union Station Clubhouse?

Any Fayette County resident who is 18 years of age or older with a primary mental health diagnosis is eligible for referral to Union Station Clubhouse. The Clubhouse is not a drop-in center.


We are not alone!

We are a proud member of Clubhouse International, a network of more than 300 Clubhouses in over 30 countries around the world dedicated to ending social and economic isolation for people living with mental illness. For more information on Clubhouse International, visit

Union Station Clubhouse is a program of Goodwill of Southwestern Pennsylvania and is licensed by the Pennsylvania Office of Mental Health and Substance Use Services and accredited by Clubhouse International. We are also members of the Pennsylvania Clubhouse Coalition and the Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

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