PMHCA drop-ins

Here at the Pennsylvania Mental Health Consumers’ Association (PMHCA), Youth MOVE PA, and the Pennsylvania Peer Support Coalition (PaPSC) we understand the toll social isolation can take on our mental health.  Connecting online can be a good way to alleviate this issue. Our agencies have collaborated in hosting a series of “Virtual Drop-In” zoom meetings to help reduce the sense of social isolation we can experience during this difficult time. These are NOT clinical or therapeutic groups!

  • The “Adult Virtual Drop-In”, is a topic-driven, social gathering hour that is scheduled twice a week. While we are all house bound during this health crisis, let’s take some time for some good old socialization and conversation. We would love to discuss many different topics such as our “favorite things” and our “go to coping skills” with whoever wants to join us. One topic that is off limits is the COVID-19 virus! Meetings will take place using Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday from 1 pm to 2 pm. Meetings will be moderated by Kathy Quick, Jason Rilogio, and Samantha Harkins.
    Meeting ID: 131-337-859, Meeting Link:


  • Youth MOVE PA is excited to host a “Youth Virtual Drop-In” that is all about getting some social interaction, even if we can’t go out and do our normal things like school, sports, going to the game store, or hanging with our friends. We know how stressful it can be when our routine is messed up and it is just as frustrating when everyone is talking about Coronavirus as if there might be impending doom!! We would like to help you feel better about the outside world and the stress it may bring by meeting new people who join this group. We will be talking about ourselves, what we like, and be discussing a specific topic with each other during each meeting. This gives us some distraction from the anxiety that can arise from being stuck inside all the time. Our meetings will be hosted every Monday from 3:30pm to 4:30pm on Zoom. Meetings will be moderated by Zack Karenchak, Tristan Schnoke and Aaron Zimmerman.
    Meeting ID: 410-999-098, Meeting Link:


  • The “CPS Virtual Drop-In” is designed specifically for Certified Peer Specialists. As Certified Peer Specialists, we are familiar with taking care of others needs over our own, as well as our paychecks depending on our billable hours.  In this time of uncertainty, we must take care of our personal wellness, so we can continue to be an inspiration to those we serve, whether by phone or through other technology.   This is a statewide support group that can be molded to fit the needs of those attending.   We are resilient, we’re Peer Specialists, we are living breathing examples of recovery, and we will get through this together.  Join us Mondays from 11:30am – 12:30pm. This meeting will be moderated by Jason Rilogio, Dave Measel, and Keith Elders.
    Meeting ID: 305-863-445, Meeting Link:


  • PMHCA invites you to join us in our “ART IN RECOVERY GROUP.” We envision a safe space where we can share our artwork as part of our recovery – whatever that is for you – and grow and develop our artwork, friendship, and community together. Let’s share our artwork, in whatever form your art takes, such as painting, photography, sculpture, coloring, diamond art, crocheting, crafting, or whatever you enjoy! This is a virtual meeting in order to accommodate everyone’s schedule and maintain everyone’s safety. Every Thursday at 7:00 P.M. The Zoom link will stay the same for every meeting: