COVID-19 Protocol

Revised Protocols Effective 5/3/2021



  1. Building capacity will be reduced to 25

    1. Non-virtual capable and TE/SEs will have priority

    2. Members who have/were virtual will be strongly encouraged to do so

    3. iPads can be loaned to members interested in participating in virtual if they need a device

  2. 3-Strike mask rule will be strictly enforced

  3. Any members or staff with visible signs of illness and read a temperature of 99.4 or higher will be required to quarantine

  4. Non-member visitors will NOT be permitted into the building


To ensure safety and compliance with state and CDC guidelines, the following policies remain in place:

  • Personal protective devices (PPEs) such as masks and/or face shields MUST be worn at all times.

  • All members and staff must submit to a pre-screening which includes temperature checks.

  • Social distancing within the building is assured by limiting the number of members permitted within the building (currently 25), limiting seating in the dining area and computer lab, and limiting the number of people within certain areas of the Clubhouse (restrooms, offices, etc.)

  • Protective physical measures have been added to the facility such as sneeze guards in common areas as well as protective dividers in the computer lab.

  • Regular sanitation and disinfecting is done in all areas of the facility

  • The Clubhouse vans are also up and running, but with limited capacity and assigned seating to maintain social distancing. Prescreening is done before anyone boards the vans.

Union Station Clubhouse will also continue to offer virtual services via Zoom, with regular meetings at 8:30AM, , 12:30PM, and 2:00 PM, and various meetings as announced at 2:00PM.
We encourage our members to participate in either or both onsite and virtual services!